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Wind and Hail Claim Resource Library

Here are tools to help you, as an adjuster, settle HVAC and Refrigeration claims with reported hail and wind losses more confidently and accurately. Understand why replacements are the least likely claim solution and what repairs could return your policyholders’ equipment to pre-loss condition.

Hail Claim Basics Guide


Know which minor, moderate, and major HVAC system repairs should be considered before settling for a full replacement. 

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Why Replacements Are Least Likely


Hail-prone HVAC components and likely repairs 


Solving Spring Storm Claims


Test your knowledge about spring storm claim settlements

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Hail Impacts to HVAC Efficiency


When is efficiency jeopardized after hail impacts? 

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Expert Tips for

Wind Claims


How to settle HVAC claims with reported wind impacts

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Commercial Hail Guide


Commercial systems most prone to hail impacts

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Hail and Commercial HVAC Systems


How hail affects commercial HVAC systems 

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Hail Claims: 4 Things to Look For


A labeled diagram of tips for hail-impacted HVAC systems

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Spring Storms Webinar 


Watch HVACi’s Spring Storm Webinar

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Residential Hail Claim Case Study

A contractor told the policyholder to spend $4,000 to replace a few components or buy a new unit for $8,000. The adjuster assigned HVACi to provide a thorough and more objective equipment assessment. The result potentially prevented thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacement components.

Wind Claim Case Study

An adjuster had a claim for two HVAC split systems with reported wind impacts and needed verification of cause of loss and scope of damage. Without an assessment, the carrier risked settling for equipment that wasn’t damaged or was damaged by a typically non-covered peril.

Restaurant Hail Claim Case Study

Hail had confirmed impacts to multiple HVAC systems; however, HVACi proved that 11 of them could be repaired – resulting in more than $65,000 in potential claims leakage. Even better, the comprehensive report was delivered to the adjuster within 3 business days of the claim assignment.

Settle Storm Claims Quickly and Accurately

All these resources can help you better understand storm claims and HVAC systems – but what about individual situations you and your policyholders are facing?


HVACi has thousands of professionals nationwide who are ready to thoroughly assess HVAC and Refrigeration equipment based on engineering best practices. We use just the facts to recommend the best repair or replacement actions based on the individual claim. We will also provide market value pricing for all available equipment, giving you what you need to settle the claim quickly and accurately.

Find out more about what HVACi can do for you. 

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