3 Ways to Receive Superior Customer Service

From Your Claims Vendor 

Adjusters often rely on third-party vendors to provide equipment assessment support before settling claims. It’s critical that these claims partners complete comprehensive equipment testing to accurately verify cause of loss and scope of damage and that they maintain superior customer service to both the carrier and policyholder while doing so.

Characteristics of Superior Customer Service

Adjusters should expect these when partnering with a claims vendor.


Carriers and policyholders should stay informed about the equipment assessment process from the moment the claim is assigned to the vendor.


No one should be kept waiting for communication, an appointment, or a report without notice of extenuating circumstances.


The carrier and policyholder are relying on an objective and accurate report to settle the claim and return equipment to pre-loss condition.

How Does StrikeCheck Maintain These Qualities?

Open Communication

  • Adjusters can assign electronics and specialty item claims to StrikeCheck through the adjuster portal, by emailing claims@strikecheck.com, or any of StrikeCheck's integrations.
  • Automated processes launch to contact the insured immediately after claim assignment. Communication among StrikeCheck, adjusters, and policyholders is maintained throughout the process.
  • Follow-up communication continues after report delivery, as needed. 
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Short Cycle Times

  • Innovative processes ensure each claim assignment stays on track, and oversight and communication take place when a delay occurs.
  • StrikeCheck's nationwide network of vetted technicians eliminates unnecessary wait times and costs for travel.
  • The average cycle time from claim assignment to report delivery is 4 business days for residential claims and 6.5 business days for commercial claims.

Electrical Service Panel

Claim Case Study

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Fact-Based Recommendations

  • Technicians may not solicit their services and the team doesn't talk to policyholders about the assessments to maintain objectivity.
  • Reports include photographs and details about the cause of loss and scope of damage.
  • All recommended equipment is researched to confirm Like Kind and Quality, availability, and market value pricing. The report has repair and replacement costs to ensure adjusters have the needed data to settle claims based on facts.

Customer Testimonial

Top 25 Property and Casualty Insurance Carrier adjuster StrikeCheck survey response

Likelihood To Refer StrikeCheck Services:     10/10
StrikeCheck Professionalism:                            10/10
Report Turnaround Time:                                   10/10
Comprehensive Report:                                     10/10

Adjuster Comment: I so appreciate you guys and your reports!! You have no idea how much these help us and our customers!

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