Solving Spring Storm

Claim Settlements

Use your knowledge about HVAC-related spring storm claims to choose the best of two options.
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Which peril leads to more 

HVAC system claims each year? 

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Which type of condenser coil could be combed to return to pre-loss condition? 

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How should insureds clean coils with

wind-blown debris?

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Claims with confirmed hail impacts always lead to thousands of dollars in settlements.

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Which factor could impact whether a major repair is required? 

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Cause of Loss Is Not

Always Obvious

Effects from a storm may seem like the probable cause of loss; however, HVAC equipment experts often complete thorough evaluations and find other perils damaged the equipment – and policies don’t always cover them. Obtain a comprehensive assessment from someone who knows the equipment before settling for reported hail or wind damages.

Determining Scope

of Damage Is Critical

Storms don’t impact all HVAC equipment the same way. Hail could minimally affect some of the components or it could result in major repairs. Wind may blow dust and dirt into equipment, or it could cause a tree to destroy something. Before settling a claim, make sure the scope of damage matches what the insured is claiming.

Assessments Shouldn’t

Hold Up Processes

Policyholders typically want their claims resolved quickly. Don’t skip the equipment assessment process thinking it will speed up a claim. It risks inaccurate settlements that could increase claims leakage and premiums. Instead, choose an expert who will accurately and objectively assess equipment to determine cause of loss and scope of damage.

Minimal Repairs Are

Typically the Best 

Insureds' contractors often recommend a new condensing unit after a weather-related incident. This, or full replacements, are usually unnecessary. Less major repairs are more likely the best solution to return equipment to pre-loss condition. Objective recommendations are critical for accurate settlements.